X-Rux is a project that came into being from the creative and innovative spirit of two entrepreneurs from the Italian footwear industry making technical shoes for Parkour.
At the start of 2018 the founders, urged on by the desire to create something new in the area of luxury sneakers, decided to combine the performance aspect of Parkour with a fresh aesthetic look. A brand was born that through an original mix of fashion and technology gives an exclusive perspective on fashion and contemporary styling.


With his company, Lucio Negro has for 30 years been a leader in the design and manufacture of top-quality soles for all types of footwear. With a keen eye on the product, technological innovation and market demands, he has worked for many years with the most prestigious luxury and sport brands. X-Rux reflects his dedication to quality, his curiosity towards technical innovation and his thorough knowledge and command of the know-how.


On the other side of the spectrum we have the explosive creativity of Gianfranco Gallina, a footwear designer with almost 40 years’ experience behind him. With strong expertise in the area of manufacturing technologies and endowed with a strong ability to identify styles and trends, he works with a number of international brands in the fashion and non-fashion industries. X-Rux encompasses his insatiable aesthetic research, his meticulous attention to design and the versatility of his inspirations.